Food Van & Food Truck, Something for Catering | Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast
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Food Van/Food Truck

A food van or a food truck is one of the most on-trend and stylish ways of catering for a range of different events including a wedding, a festival and a private party.

The modern-day food truck isn’t just an ordinary van that people get delivered to them at a construction site. The gourmet menu’s on offer can range from a variety of ethnic and fusion cuisines and can be customised to suit your needs. The way in which these vans display the food is creative, unique and beautiful.

Something for Catering is one of the most popular food trucks on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane that provides the most delicious food experience and a fully stocked bar always ready to serve the guests.

With a huge focus on customer service and an incredible dining experience, the food we provide is reputable, delicious and tailored to suit your needs. We go beyond the traditional food truck catering services to provide an extremely memorable occasion for your and your guests.

For more information about Something for Catering, contact us today.

Food Van / Food Truck Locations:

  • Food Van Sunshine Coast

  • Food Van Gold Coast

  • Food Van Brisbane

  • Food Truck Sunshine Coast

  • Food Truck Gold Coast

  • Food Truck Brisbane