Emerging Cocktail Trends at Weddings

The latest wedding cocktail trends are serving up some major inspiration with some seriously cool ideas you are going to want to steal and of course drink!

If you are thinking about your wedding menu, make sure you pay attention to your cocktails and what you will be serving at the bar as a welcome drink, a speciality throughout the evening or a one-off for your guests to raise for a toast to the newlyweds. Here are some ways you can delight your guests with something a little extra special and unique.

1. Use of Creative Cocktail Names

Creating a signature cocktail name is a fun part of the planning process and also adds a touch of personality to your big day. Every classic cocktail has a name and giving yours a creative name will really make it memorable. To name your cocktail accordingly, consider taking inspiration from a special moment the two of you shared together in your relationship. It could be based on the season, the destination, a specific date, a funny play on words or even the ingredients in the cocktail. If you are stuck as to what to call it, ask the bartender to give you some advice. They are usually pretty creative with coming up with a fun name to match your special concoction.

2. Change Your Mixers

For a long time now soft drinks, artificial juices and syrups have been used as popular mixers in cocktails but new trends are seeing a range of freshly pressed juices and ice teas added to the mix. Adding a fresh fruit flavour can really enhance the overall look and give the taste a greater balance. Think of combining juices for a little extra appeal like carrot and ginger, pomegranate and oranges and pineapple and lime. Ice tea is a favourite summertime drink and it gets even better when added to a liquor mix. From strong sweet teas to fancy tea martini’s, there is a ton of recipes to bring to life.

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3. Seasonal Influencers

Depending on when you are getting married, the time of year is inspiring the cocktails served at weddings. If it’s a summer wedding, you want to take into consideration the warmer climate and location and serve something that will quench the thirst of you and your guest’s palettes. Think infused ice-teas, refreshing
mojitos or a punch. For winter weddings, we are seeing couples opt for drinks with a stronger flavour like an old-fashioned, a gingersnap and hot toddy’s.

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4. Garnishes Galore

Couples are customising their wedding cocktails with special garnishes and flavoured treats to finish their cocktails with a final, fancy flair. A garnish not only adds a decorative element to the cocktail, it also gives it a little extra flavour. Garnishes that compliment a wide selection of cocktails include fruit wedges, cherries, mint, cinnamon, sugar, olives and citrus peel. If can also include non-edible garnishes to enhance the theme like straws, custom stirrers, umbrellas, flags or flowers.

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5. Spice Up Your Life

Hot and spicy flavours aren’t anything new, but we’re seeing an increase in cocktails with spice infused into the recipes. Instead of placing in sugar to flavour drinks, herbs and spices like tobasco, turmeric, Worcestershire, jalapeno’s, pepper and chilli are being added give a little heat to the taste palettes. It’s an easy to way to add unexpected flavour and you can be as imaginative as you want. Some of the favourites we have seen include jalapeno margaritas, spicy gin cucumber lemonade, chilli-sugar rim martini’s and of course the bloody Mary for a brunch occasion.

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6. Perfect Pairings

We believe that other than the actual nuptials, the second most exciting thing on a wedding day is the first cocktail and appetiser. Deciding what to serve can make or break an event and to ensure guests are extra delighted, pairing a cocktail with an appetiser is a great way to satisfy the most discerning palettes and keep the stomachs lined until the mains are served. Chat with your bartender about the cocktail flavours that enhance the style of food you are serving. Don’t forget, the cocktail hour sets the tone for the evening so make sure to take the opportunity to have some fun with your menu and cocktail options.

7. His & Her Cocktails

Just because you are getting hitched, doesn’t mean you suddenly have to adopt the same palette. He prefers a Manhattan while you like a dry martini so why not serve both of your favourite cocktails? Incorporating both of your favourite flavours is a trend we are seeing on the rise as it is not only a great way to personalise your bar menu but it’s also a great way to offer variety to your guests. Make the bar as much about you as it is your partner and go with two signature cocktails, his and hers style.

Make your wedding something special with an unforgettable selection of cocktails. There is no better way to kick-off cocktail hour than by adding a personal touch.

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Looking for high-quality bar services that can create custom cocktails and provide exceptional service to you and your guests all night long? Get in touch with Something for Catering today and chat with us about your wedding. We look forward to hearing from you.

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