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Wedding Catering: Rachel & Nod

We love seeing couples tie the knot but even more, we love being able to take the stress out of catering for the big day! It’s no secret organising a wedding is a BIG job, what dress/suit to wear, what venue to hire, who to...

Event Catering : Into the Woods

On the 9th December 2016, Something for Catering collaborated with a number of Sunshine Coast businesses to supply Sunshine Coaster’s with a unique opportunity to experience how incredible catering, styling and a number of other services can be undertaken at weddings and other events. The night...

Into the Woods

Gone are the days when alternate drop and half-tasty canapés are the only options for brides and grooms to be. Catering for events and weddings is changing significantly. These days’ clients and guests are expecting food and beverages that are creative, clever and presented in a...